50 Years of Women in Residence

Fifty years ago (in 1973), Queen’s College began admitting women into residency, thus ending 85 years as a male residential College. As part of our anniversary year, we interviewed women who had resided at Queen’s across the past five decades.

In fact, the female presence at Queen’s goes back much further than 1973 — there have been women closely associated with Queen’s since it opened in 1888. One such women was Dr Mary de Garis (1900) and we’ve included her as the first profile on this page.

The fascinating recollections of all the women featured on this page show the many changes that have occurred at Queen’s over the years, but they also show how friendship, support and community have been the enduring Queen’s values across the decades.

Here are their stories:


Dr Mary de Garis
Dr Mary de Garis (1900)

Heather Carr
Heather Carr (1973)

Carolyn Graham
Carolyn Graham (1973)

Ngaire Kennedy
Ngaire Kennedy (1973)

Annie Warb
Annie Warbuton (1973)

Liz Eldridge
Liz Eldridge (1974)

Lindy Hunt
Lindy Hunter (1974)

Lizbeth Bell
Lisbeth Bell (1975)

Lorelle Warren
Lorelle Warren (1980)

Jane Allen
Jane Allen (1981)

Merren McArthur
Merren McArthur (1981)

Sally Green
Prof Sally Green (1982)

Fleur Maidment
Fleur Maidment (1987)

Leah Fricke
Leah Fricke (1989)

Lee Fua
Dr Lee Meakin (1991)

Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor (1993)

Samantha Unger
Samantha Unger (1993)

Carly Schrever
Carly Schrever (1998)

Justine Adams
Dr Georgia Warren-Myers (2000)

Justine Adams
Justine Adams (2003)

Tamzin Byrn
Tamzin Byrne (2003)

Erica Mandi Manga
Erica Mandi Manga (2003)

Marcia Neave
The Hon. Marcia Neave AO (2003)

Nicola Sutton-Hay
Nicola Sutton-Hay (2003)

Gladys Chua
Gladys Chua (2005)

Sze Ching Lee
Sze Ching Lee (2005)

Annabelle Workman
Dr Annabelle Workman (2005)

Dr Sally Anne Richter
Dr Sally-Anne Richter (2006)

Anna van Veldhuisen
Anna van Veldhuisen (2008)

Sumita Menon
Sumita Menon (2009)

Lizzie Castles
Lizzie Castles (2010)

Maddie Wagg
Maddie Wagg (2010)

Fiona Heathcote
Fiona Heathcote (2011)

Afra Cader
Afra Cader (2013)

Miranda Smith
Miranda Smith (2017)

Eliza Shannon
Eliza Shannon (2018)

Jess Sanchez-Vargas
Jess Sanchez-Vargas (2019)

Evangelia Wichmann
Evangelia Wichmann (2020)

Clara Sandona
Clara Sandona (2022)