Queen’s has over 60 tutors dedicated to producing excellent tutorials (small group teaching of 1-8 students), workshops, or offering one-on-one consultations in order to develop depth and breadth to our residents’ knowledge.  We tutor across approximately 130 subjects a semester, from first year to postgraduate (our medical program offers 3-4 hours weekly of clinical and content tutorials). Academic advice is targeted at mastery of content, improved critical thinking, and polished writing skills.

Tutors range from 3rd-year students to postgraduates, postdocs, mid-career and established academics, and young professionals.

Currently in 2019, semester 1, we are offering tutorials or 1-on-1 consultations across over 155 subjects, hoping to build on our excellent results form semester 2, 2018 when our students achieved the highest number of academic medals yet. 


What does academic help at Queen’s look like?

Our programs are highly bespoke, flexible, and tailored to individual need. That means in addition to, say, attending a tutorial on physics, biomecules, politics, introductory microeconomics, psychology, or foundations of design, you can meet individually with a  tutor to refine your knowledge, or ask another tutor to assist with essay skills, help you with your maths or data analysis, or whatever asepct of developing your academic skills you need. Students who require more help can be assigned  a tutor to meet regularly with them to ensure they are managing their time and studying effectively.

RMIT students are offered help where possible with some of the skills they need – ie they can sit with a tutor to discuss a marketing assignment to ensure they are approaching the topic creatively, join in with our marketing general tute, get some help from a finance tutor with aspects of their business studies, or get assistance with materials for their design or art subjects.