Undergraduate Fees & Charges

Fees quoted are GST inclusive and are for an academic year of up to 36 weeks. In the case of International Exchange students staying for one Semester, fees payable would be pro rata.

No refunds will be made in the case of students whose academic year is less than 36 weeks. Weekly fees for students who stay beyond 36 weeks are charged according to holiday rates. Access to the Library and other facilities during these extended periods cannot be guaranteed but may be arranged with the relevant Library staff.

A summary of the fees and charges is listed on this page. For the full fee schedule, please refer to the JCR Fee Schedule linked below:


Full and Half-Year Residence Fees

Full Year Residence Fee

Full year fee consists of:

  • 1st Semester installment: $18,250
  • 2nd Semester installment: $18,250


Sibling discount (discount will only apply to one sibling) $1,000
Returning Student (2024 intake only) $1,000
Three years at Queen’s (applies in your 3rd year of residence at Queen’s) $1,500
Four years at Queen’s (applies in your 4th year of residence at Queen’s) $2,000


Additional Compulsory Charges
O-Week fee (1st year residents entering Sem 1) $1,040
M-Week fee (1st year residents entering Sem 2) $300
Wyvern (alumni) Society life membership (new residents only) $180
Melbourne University Sports Membership (3-year one-off fee, non-refundable) $358
Student Club fee (annual fee, non-refundable) $420


Other Fees
Transition to Residence Program (per semester) $3,270
Parking space (per semester) $400
Vacation residence – per night $65
Academic Gown – New $60
Key loss or damage (per key fob) $22


Queen’s College has an extensive programme of scholarships which have been established in order to attract and assist students while they are studying at the College. Refer to the Scholarships section for more information.