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Queen’s College has been a life-changing experience for generations of students, enabled by the generosity and support of previous generations of Wyverns and friends of Queen’s College. We invite you to make a gift and have a direct impact on providing the opportunities and benefits of College to the next generation of Wyverns.


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The College does not receive any government, university or church funding. Your generosity has a vast positive impact on the programs and support that the College can provide and that our current and future students benefit from.


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“I have discovered so much about community, friendship, inclusivity and myself in my three years at Queen’s. I have grown with each opportunity – be it leadership positions, competing at intercollegiate events, or even cheering on our sports teams. I am so grateful for the financial assistance I received this year which allowed me to return for a third year and continue to learn and contribute back to my wonderful community at Queen’s.”
Stella Ulm — 3rd year Commerce, J.W Whyte Scholarship

“Coming to Melbourne seemed impossible to me at first, but Queen’s offered me an amazing opportunity with their scholarship. Now I am able to pursue my dream with this vibrant community. Queen’s has also given me so much comfort and joy that it made me feel as I was at home.”
Daniel Cho — 1st Year BioMed, Cato Scholarship