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Annual Appeal

Queen’s College has been a positive life-changing experience for generations of students and we have always been committed to ensuring that a students financial background is not a hurdle to joining our community. However, the 2020 pandemic has put great strain on our support programs.

Many of our students have lost casual employment (often two jobs) on which they rely to cover their College fees, others have unexpected costs due to their families undergoing financial hardship. These impacts are far reaching for our community and will continue even as pandemic restrictions are gradually lifted.

Please consider giving to our COVID-19 Student Support Fund. This fund will be needs-based and support both undergraduate and graduate students who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Your support will enable them to continue their studies through these disrupted times.

I would like to make a tax deductible gift of

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The College does not receive any government, university or church funding. Your generosity has a vast positive impact on the programs and support that the College can provide and that our current and future students benefit from.


All gifts to Queen’s College are fully tax deductible. There are special provisions for US tax deductibility for gifts from those subject to US Tax.


Undergraduate Resident

“My dad is a single parent supporting myself and my two brothers. The pandemic has significantly impacted his B&B business with no guests since March and I have been stood down from my two jobs – one at the uni and one at the local swimming pool.

I am immensely thankful for the support Queen’s has already provided me this year (scholarship). Queen’s changed my life – it’s a unique place with brilliant resources and with a community that motivates me to do better.

I very much hope I can continue my time here, but the cascading financial impacts are proving very difficult to deal with.”

Graduate Resident

“I moved to Melbourne from Colombia to undertake a Masters of Environment and I work two jobs to support myself and pay for my accommodation at Queen’s. With no family in Australia, Queen’s is my family and a place where I feel supported – it makes such a difference. The pandemic has meant I have lost my income and the situation is proving incredibly challenging.

My mum is unable to assist as Colombia has been hit hard and her education business has been shutdown. I haven’t given up, education is very important to me and I’m prepared to make sacrifices to achieve my goals.”