Our academic commitment to you.

Queen’s is where enquiring minds flourish. Not only will you have access to our extensive academic support programs, you’ll be living and learning with students from around the country and around the globe. Queen’s will help you see the world in a whole new way.

Because we want nothing more than to see you succeed, we provide tutorials and workshops in more than 100 subjects each semester. Tutors are also available for one-on-one consultations with those who want to deepen their knowledge or hone their academic skills, and residents enjoy the opportunity to publish in the College’s peer-reviewed journal, Aedificamus.

Queen’s has all the facilities you need, whatever your discipline. Along with our many private and group study areas and extensive library, we have a light-filled studio space for art and design students, and practice rooms for musicians – who will also enjoy the many  chances to perform at College events.

As a Queen’s resident, you’ll mix with leading academics from around the world and enjoy our curated program of orations from distinguished speakers. Our regular ‘dine with a scholar’ nights allow student to engage with our visitors in a less formal setting.

To show our respect for academic success, every semester the College awards a Wyvern medal to students who average H1 and higher for their studies: We awarded over 200 in 2019.