What your Donations have Achieved



Queen’s strives to create a diverse community and provide opportunities to students regardless of their financial situation. Our scholarship program has been instrumental in allowing students from all backgrounds to participate in university and College life – a possibility they otherwise may not have had.

In the past 12 months, the generous support of the Queen’s community has allowed us to award over $750,000 in scholarships and bursaries, with more than a third of our students receiving support in some form. Our Indigenous Scholarship Fund supports 13 Indigenous students in 2024, an area we continue to grow.

The financial support of our community also allows us to improve and maintain the many facilities, services and programs that make Queen’s what it is.



The support from our community have contributed to projects including:

General Facilities

  • Restoring historic chairs and tables in Eakins Dining Hall
  • Refurbishment of four bathrooms in Johnson wing
  • Refurbishment of two student rooms in East wing
  • Audio-visual upgrades in the JCR, Eakins foyer and the Stafford Room
  • Installation of a new heating and cooling system in the Library

Featonby Library Support

  • Purchase of over 200 text books and key resources covering the university curriculum
  • Purchase of over 500 other resources covering areas such as study aids (eg anatomy flash cards), updating resources to remain contemporary (such as global politics and environmental topics) and career guidance material
  • Installation of 2 large whiteboards (a request by science/biomedical students to aid with group study sessions)
  • Purchase of a DE1-SOC FPGA Board (requested by Computer Science residents to test their electronic designs
  • Refurbished the quiet study areas providing more seating and table space. All seats now have access to power and USB ports.

The College Chapel Fund

Donations support the work of the Chaplaincy including the restoration of the heritage College Organ.

Programs & Services

The Sugden Collection Heritage Fund

Donations to the Sugden Heritage Fund are used for conservation projects. We use it to (part) fund the conservation of rare books from the Sugden Heritage Collection. The books are selected from a prioritised conservation listing according to their rarity, value etc. This year we sent 10 books to conservators Duncan and Tine Rolley.

Music Fund

Donations supports the work of the Choir and with College students in all areas of music, from sheet music to performances.

Cam Brown Community Innovation Fund

Thanks to our generous donors, this fund grants $5,000 each year to an innovative student project promoting either environmental sustainability, social equity or the building of community capability.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your donation or feel free to visit us at the Wyvern Centre for Advancement located at Queen’s College.