Queen’s residents have opportunities to engage with more than a dozen visiting international scholars in residence in any one year. Our Visiting Scholars have included Miegunyah Fellows from the Universities of Haifa and Wisconsin-Madison, scholars in law from Cornell, Edinburgh and Victoria Universities,  including Canadian First Nations  law expert Prof John Borrows, in management and leadership from UCLA and The Brookings Institute, as well as eminent historians such as Professor Margaret MacMillan (University of Toronto), and ethicists such as Professor Julian Savulescu (Oxford).

Students are encouraged to converse with Visiting Scholars over dinner at formal Hall on Mondays, or at our Tuesday night ‘Dine with a Scholar’ events. The College also appoints an annual Sugden Fellow to reside at the college for some weeks, usually in conjunction with a University visiting appointment.


Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room membership comprises the Master and the Dean of the College, as well as resident tutors,  theologians and the Choirmaster. All Visiting Scholars are automatically members of the SCR during their stay.

Members of the SCR publish across a variety of disciplines.


Resident Tutors

Resident Tutors are members of our community, usually PhD students,  dedicated to providing outstanding academic support to our residents across a range of academic disciplines. Tutors are expected to offer up to 6 hours of tutorials, consultations and office hours a week during semester, to assist on Open Day and Entrance Day, and attend various black tie events throughout the year. Tutors carry the duty phone on weekends. Tutors may also have the position of Resident Medical Officer.

Applicants for the role should contact the Academic Director in late August for the following year via: