Undergraduate Application

Application Process

Step 1 – Find out about Queen’s

The best way to discover if Queen’s College is the right fit for you is visiting us in person. There are two ways to do this:

  • Visit us on the Intercollegiate Open Day.
    During Open Day we provide student-led guided tours through many of the key areas of Queen’s. You will have the opportunity to directly ask our student guides any questions about living at Queen’s during the tour. The Intercollegiate Open Day will be held on Sunday 18 August 2024.
  • Request a tour.
    Can’t attend Open Day? You are welcome to take a private in-person student-led tour of our College. You can book a tour here.
Step 2 – Complete Application Form

Applications for entry in Semester 1 2025 close early December 2024 for undergraduates.

For Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander applicants, please also contact the Murrup Barak centre at the University as they will assist you with the application and financial aid (cost share arrangements).

You will be required to provide us with the following:

  • One (1) recent passport photo
  • Registration fee of $75.00 (waived for Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander applicants)
  • A copy of your Academic Transcript
  • A Privacy Declaration form
  • VTAC number (domestic students only)

Apply online through the Intercollegiate website

Step 3 – Online Resume

The online resume gives us an insight into your achievements and experiences. It is used as the basis for your interview at the college. The online resume will also prompt you to apply for any scholarships. The online resume will be sent to you by the Registrar after your application has been submitted.

Step 4 – Referees Arrange two Referees prior to the interview. After completing the online resume, the Registrar will contact your referees for an academic and personal reference. Please note, we cannot accept references from family members.
 Step 5 – Interview

The interview is the most important part of the application process. For this purpose, you are invited to come and visit the College for an interview, normally with the Dean or Head of College. If you cannot attend, we can interview via Skype.

In either case, your interview will cover:

  • Your aspirations for life and study;
  • Why you want to live at Queen’s College while studying at University;
  • What you think Queen’s College can do for you;
  • What you can do for Queen’s College.
Step 6 – Submit your results Provide the College with a copy of your final results as soon as possible. If you completed your final year in Victoria, send Queen’s College a copy of your final results page when you receive them in mid-December, as this page will include the Tertiary Entrance Rank/ATAR score. If you completed Year 12 outside Victoria, the final results page will include a copy of your results and ranking. IB students who receive their results early January may submit their results then. As placements and scholarships are linked to Year 12 results, it is imperative that you send these as soon as possible.


Transitional Program

Queen’s College welcomes up to fifteen ‘non-resident’, or transition, students at the start of each year. Transition students experience Queen’s food and activities for a semester before coming into full residence in mid-year. Students apply the same way as for full residency in February, and there are fees associated with the program. If you have questions regarding the transition program, please refer to the Registrar who can be contacted at applications@queens.unimelb.edu.au

Essential Information

Make sure you complete every step.

It is imperative that you complete the full application. Failing to submit a resumé or referee reports,  failing to complete the full application form, or failing to ring for an interview time could result in you not being offered a place.

What if I miss a deadline? 

Places at Queen’s are competitive. Please advise us as soon as possible if you have missed, or are likely to miss, a deadline as late applications may not be considered.

When will I hear the result of my application? 

Graduates are usually notified by early to mid December. Undergraduate candidates receive notification after the University places have been offered. This is usually during the third week in January. In some instances Queen’s College may make a limited number of conditional offers.

When will my placement be secure? 

Places are only secured upon the payment of a deposit. Details of the enrolment procedure are sent to students after the initial notice of an offer. Please note: A student who accepts a place and later changes their mind may be required to pay the fees for a semester.


Contact the Registrar atapplications@queens.unimelb.edu.au