Student Spaces

Queen’s is one of Melbourne University’s larger colleges, featuring beautiful student spaces set in landscaped gardens. Facilities include the fully furnished student rooms, numerous studio and rehearsal spaces, a spacious library, the Eakins dining hall and the Labs, a 24-hour recreational complex run by student committees.

The College is perfectly located, a quick tram-ride away from the centre of Melbourne and a few minutes’ walk from the popular restaurants and shops of Lygon Street Carlton. The Quad and College Close provide both a quiet refuge from the city’s noise and a place for casual sport, while the College backs on to the Melbourne University oval, site of many intercollegiate sporting events. Residents studying at RMIT or Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy will find both are a short walk or tram trip away.

We encourage any prospective resident to visit us, either on Open Day or by booking a tour.

Undergraduate Rooms

Every Queen’s resident enjoys a single room, which comes furnished with all the essentials: a bed, desk, lamp, wardrobe, bar-sized fridge, bookcase, power board and heating. If you are an international student, we will also supply bed linen.

 One of the distinctive and enjoyable aspects of College life is the impromptu ‘corridor sits’, where residents will open up their rooms and congregate in the corridors for informal get-togethers. The Queen’s corridor culture has created many lifelong friendships.

Graduate Apartments

We offer a variety of accommodation options for graduate students ranging from 1-bed studios, 1-bed and 2-bedroom apartments/units. They are located in the Runia, Clarke, and Lapthorne buildings (refer campus map). We have some disability accessible apartments as well – 3 studios and 1 x two bedroom apartment.

All our graduate accommodation offerings are furnished, apart from linen, and come equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom.

Middle Common Room (MCR)

Graduates have their own Common Room located in the Runia building.

Eakins Dining Hall

Queen’s provides three meals a day for residents . Breakfast and lunch are casual and social, with people from all different year levels, courses, and backgrounds sitting together. One of Queen’s cherished traditions is that students won’t sit at an empty table if there is still a spot free on another one, ensuring you mix with the community and helping you make new friends. Monday evenings we hold more formal dinners, a proud tradition at the College, at which academic robes are required to be worn.

You can also make sandwiches in the morning for the day ahead, and students with afternoon and evening commitments can order ‘early/late dinners’ over the intranet.



The Junior Common Room

The Junior Common Room is both the term for the undergraduate student body en masse, and a location in the College. The JCR is where we hold soirees, orations, and faculty dinners during semester. Listening to an inspirational speaker, either internationally acclaimed or a peer at the college, while sitting in the beautiful wooden room under oars won in rowing competitions, is one of the highlights of Queen’s. The JCR also contains a concert-level piano for use by music students. At many times of day and evening, the sound of the piano filters through wooden panels and throughout the College. The JCR is also the location of soirées that are held on Mondays three times a semester, during which residents of the College might choose to create songs, dance, declaim, or act.

Nicholas Laboratories

Built in 1930, the Nicholas Laboratories, or ‘Labs’, has since been renovated and converted to a 24-hour recreational complex. It includes the ‘Turn Room’, complete with dance floor, a bar, and a courtyard with barbecue. It also contains a quieter area for relaxing on sofas and chatting while watching television.

Music Rooms

Queen’s has a proud tradition of musicality, and provides a number of rooms for music practice, as well as 3 grand pianos, 4 upright pianos, a pipe organ, and a concert-level piano.

The Tower Studio

The Tower Studio is a brilliantly lit creative space, perfect for everything from painting to theatrical set-building. Students studying fine art or design can apply for a designated space in the Studio.

Featonby Library

Our wonderful Library is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students are welcome to work on assignments in the common area or  study in peace in the quiet zone.

The textbooks required by courses are kept in residence, and are borrowable for a full semester. Students are also welcome to request texts should a helpful resource be missing. The library also contains a sizeable collection of further texts to extend students’ scholarly knowledge as well as books (both fiction and non), journals, magazines, and DVDs.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Living at Queen’s College gives you special access to the Melbourne University sports precinct which is located behind the College. As a resident of Queen’s, you get access to comprehensive sports and fitness facilities including:

  • Unlimited access to the strength and fitness gyms (Beaurepaire Centre and Lincoln Square)
  • Introductory and follow-up fitness programs
  • Unlimited access to the 25 metre indoor heated pool (Beaurepaire Centre)
  • Unlimited access to the group fitness classes
  • Access casual court hire for squash, tennis, badminton and basketball during off-peak times (9am-11am weekdays)

IT Facilities

Our College Internet connection has a fast 200Mbps fibre connection to the Internet and we do not place restrictions on your use (i.e., no quotas, filters or additional charges). There is wifi throughout the College as well as wired connections in each student room. You can also access our internal network to print to our network printers (colour A3/A4).

Laundry Facilities

Students have access to free washing machines and coin-operated dryers behind Eakins.