Message from the Master

The warmest of welcomes to Queen’s College

Queen’s College represents something rather rare and special, an academic residential community. About 300 of us live here in the beautiful buildings and grounds of the College. We live together because we are studying at university or providing support for those who are studying.

We form a vibrant and supportive academic community by sharing common aims and common values, by doing many different activities together, by giving each other support and encouragement, and by making friendships that will last a lifetime. Within our community individuals are given the freedom to pursue those activities which are important for them.

Our mission is to inspire our students to continually increasing levels of achievement and excellence, to become globally engaged, academically curious citizens, who demonstrate both community spirt and an interest in how society works. Our College has a rich history commencing with its founding Master, the Rev Dr EH Sugden, who promoted the traditional values of civility and mutual respect; this was played out in days gone by through Queen’s being known as ‘the egalitarian’ College.

The Themes that form the core of our mission are:

Academic excellence – Developing academic, inspirational opportunities for students through partnerships, scholars and an enhanced tutorial program that plays to our strengths.

Community – Developing our reputation as a cohesive and supportive community through programs that enhance student living.

Diversity – Enriching our community through diversity.

Reconciliation – Engaging in public debate on issues of significance, and developing in particular the Indigenous cohort through philanthropy and programs.

Sustainability – Future-proofing the business as well as introducing an environmental sustainability plan.

Leadership – Engaging and partnering with our community of leaders past present and future through mentoring and community activities.

As the  eighth Master of Queen’s College in its 131st anniversary year I am very proud of both our history of developing outstanding individuals, and as a historian I often reflect upon the words of eighteenth-century British philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke: ‘Society is a contract between the past, the present and those yet unborn.’ Echoing Burke’s well-known declaration, Queen’s College’s commitment—our social contract—is to our alumni, current residents and future residents, so that they may not only flourish personally, but also contribute to the prosperity of our society as a whole.

Our social contract is based on respect for all, and in the #metoo era we encourage our community members to embrace and enact respect for all, and to join with us as we strive always to be better and to create a community that is safe as well as vibrant, where all can flourish

Dr Stewart Gill OAM