Vision, Purpose, Queen’s Value Proposition


 The vision of Queen’s College is to: be a vibrant and supportive academic residential community, a place which fosters life-long learning and fellowship.


The purpose of Queen’s College is to: provide a positive and stimulating environment for students to pursue their studies at university; and to support and encourage students’ academic work and personal development through a wide range of activities that enable them to excel in a rapidly changing and globalised world.

Queen’s Value Proposition

Queen’s College is an academic community designed to complement undergraduate or graduate university education. The large range of activities, the academic and pastoral support, facilities, and the daily interaction with such a diverse community, from visiting senior scholars of international repute through graduate students to undergraduate, allows students to discover and develop skills and experiences they never thought possible. It provides the environment and resources to create a transformative university experience as a true community of scholars. At Queen’s, we pride ourselves in providing opportunities for personal growth across academic, sporting, and cultural interests beyond what you could obtain from other accommodation options. About 300 study at Queen’s in the beautiful buildings and grounds of the College.

Queen’s College within the University of Melbourne is a College founded by the Methodist Church and now in the Uniting Church Tradition, respecting people of all faiths and none. It provides a vibrant learning environment within a proudly supportive and friendly community. It is an intentional residential community of diverse and enquiring minds where residents take pride in the fact that they are known for looking after one another.

We form a vibrant and supportive academic community by sharing common aims and common values, by doing many different activities together, by giving each other support and encouragement, and by making friendships that will last a lifetime. Our students ultimately join an alumni community (Wyverns) that is c.6000 strong worldwide. Within our community individuals are given the freedom to pursue those activities which are important for them and to take responsibility for themselves as an adult entering civic society.

Our purpose is to inspire our students to increasing levels of achievement and excellence, to become globally engaged, academically curious citizens, who demonstrate both community spirit and an interest in how society works. Our College has a rich history commencing with its founding Master, the Rev Dr EH Sugden, a man of strong Christian faith who promoted the traditional values of a liberal arts education that emphasised cross-disciplinary study. Sugden was a champion of civility and mutual respect and of women’s education and this was played out in days gone by through Queen’s being known as ‘the egalitarian’ College. The College continues to promote and support these values.

The College takes seriously its responsibility to see students transition from High School to University and to prepare students for the future as they leave University.  Our career-ready program facilitates residents’ professional development and progression into the workforce through a number of programs, initiatives and partnerships with Wyverns and industry.

Queen’s College is a community of inclusion, support, and empowerment.