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Graduate Fees & Charges

There are a range of apartments to choose from at Queen’s and many opportunities for graduate students to subsidise their costs.

See the Scholarships page for more information on the large number of graduate scholarships and bursaries available. In addition, there are many opportunities for casual employment at the College, such as tutoring, working in the kitchen, the library, or in administrative capacities.

A summary of the fees and charges is listed on this page. For the full fee schedule, please refer to the ‘MCR Fee Schedule 2021’ document linked below:

MCR Residence Fees (1 February 2021 – 30 November 2021)  

1 Bed Flat

Consists of:

  • Monthly payments (x10, 1st of each month): $2,719

1 Bed Studio (includes rooms in the Graduate wing, Clarke and Lapthorne buildings)

Consists of:

  • Monthly payments (x10, 1st of each month): $2,519

2 Bed Flat

Consists of:

  • Monthly payments (x10, 1st of each month): $2,119


Sibling discount (discount will only apply to one sibling) $1,000
COVID Bursary (applies to all new residents starting in 2021) $1,000
COVID Bursary (applies to all returning residents in 2021) $1,500


Additional Compulsory Charges  
O-Week fee (1st year residents only) $130
Wyvern (alumni) Society life membership (new residents only) $181
Unimelb Lifestyle Sports Package (3-year one-off fee, non-refundable) $295
MCR Student Club fee (annual fee, non-refundable) $330


Vacation Residence Fees (per night)  
All rooms $65


Other Fees  
Parking space (per semester) $400
Academic Gown – New $60
Key loss or damage (per key fob) $20