Remembering Queen’s College in your Will

The Queen’s College Bequest Program has been established to advance its scholarship program, and to assist in underpinning the long-term financial stability of the College.

The Bequest Program invites interested Queen’s College alumni, parents, and other supporters to remember the College in their Will. Supporters may choose to further a cause of their choice, or they can make a bequest unconditionally for use by the College at its discretion.

Programs and projects for support can include one of the scholarship programs, including the Jack and Elaine Clarke Scholarship or other named scholarships. Other areas for support include the Featonby Library, the Chapel, and other facilities.

Bequests can be made individually or jointly.

Those who make a bequest are offered membership of the Sugden Society, which includes invitations to exclusive events. It recognises and honours those who make bequests to the College during their lifetime. The Society has its own identity within the College and holds its own special events.

Bequests to Queen’s College

If it has been some time since you reviewed your Will, now might be an opportune moment to consider a bequest to Queen’s in your new Will. Alternatively, if you have recently reviewed your Will and would like to make a bequest to Queen’s, then you might consider a simple Codicil.

There are a number of methods by which you could provide support to Queen’s via your Will. These include

– Bequesting a specific sum of money

– Real estate or a specific asset, eg shares, proceeds of a life assurance policy, etc

– A fixed percentage of your estate

– An asset subject to a life interest reserved to some other beneficiary.

The legal firm Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams has generously offered to assist members of the Queen’s community by giving a free 30-minute consultation to anyone seeking advice or guidance in relation to preparation of their Will where provision is to be made for Queen’s College. To make an appointment telephone Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams on +61 3 9550 4600

If you wish to discuss bequest options, or if you are solicitor or trustee preparing a Will, please make contact as below.


Frank Opray (Wyvern 1965)
Bequest Manager
+61 0407 316 865

Nicole Crook
Director of Advancement Queen’s College

+61 3 9349 0500

Queens College The University of Melbourne
1 – 17 College Crescent
VIC 3052 Australia