The Sugden Institute

In honour of the College’s founder, EH Sugden, a man of the world, of science, a musical enthusiast and a literary scholar interested also in theology and social injustice, the College inaugurated the Sugden Institute in 2018. The Institute’s aim is to encourage students’ intellectual curiosity and freedom, interdisciplinary understanding, and global citizenship. Sugden, an egalitarian with a strong interest in promoting education for women, encouraged the ‘cultivation of the disciplined open, mind’ and ‘searching spirit’. The Institute manages our Visiting Scholars’ program, as well as partnerships with other academic and cultural bodies intended to enhance global and local opportunities for students.


Queen’s has hosted two ‘Dine with a scholar’ events in semester 1. These curated dinners allow students at all levels of study to access Visiting Scholars and ask questions about their research in an informal setting. Professor David O’Connor and his research team lead a round table  on infectious diseases, focusing on the sociological context to HIV and Zika; the 2nd event was hosted by Professor Shelby O’Connor, on the challenges facing women in medical research. The next will be hosted in May and will feature former Ambassador John McCarthy. John will also be giving the annual Sugden Oration on May 6th, on ‘Winds of Change? Australian Foreign Policy after the Election’. John  is a former Australian career diplomat, with posts including ambassadorships to Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, the United States, Indonesia and Japan. Since leaving DFAT, where he was Chief of Staff to the then Foreign Minister, Andrew Peacock, Chief Legal Officer and Deputy Secretary, he has been National President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, has chaired the Australian Australia–India Council and has been co-convenor of the Australian–Indonesia dialogue. He is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Griffith Asia Institute. John has been involved in the private sector, including as Senior Adviser to Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. He was appointed an Officer of the Order for Australia in 1999 for service to the enhancement of Australia’s international reputation.