Lizzie Castles (2010)

Queen’s was a place where I could be myself, surrounded by a community of interesting and fun people. For me, Queen’s was a safe place, and a halfway house towards adulthood. It was a refresh where, regardless of your background, everyone was an equal. Some strong memories are always having friends around, and the fun that could be had from assassin’s week or angels and mortals. The things that have stayed with me are: never boo and always fill up the dining table (therefore giving everyone the time of day).

Queen’s gave me a network wherever I was – Sydney and then Singapore. Professionally, events at Queen’s, particularly tapping into the incredible alumni community, gave me ideas and inspiration for my career. Personally, I have unbelievable friends from College who have seen me at my best and worst and are still around. Despite being 19 and sceptical when I was told that lots of people meet their spouse at college, I did, in fact, meet my husband (in O-Week).

While I don’t know what it was like for those first brave women joining Queen’s, for me I felt safe and respected. I’d like to think that Queen’s continues to prioritise fostering a culture that allows all students to have the same experience that I did at such a pivotal and often vulnerable time in their lives.

After living in Singapore, I’m back in Melbourne working for a tech company that provides social and consumer insights to companies. I’m currently on leave, spending my days with my two mates, Margaret and Edwina, my seven-month-old twin daughters.

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