Sze Ching Lee (2005)

Queen’s College was an essential part of my experience as a Malaysian student studying abroad in a Western country. It was a privilege to experience collegiate life – wearing the gown, banging the spoons, attending revues…which definitely enriched my life as a uni student.

Culturally, it was not easy trying to blend in as I was shy and an introvert then, but it’s also given me fond memories and lifelong friendships which I cherish very much.

Professionally, my time in Queen’s made me more attuned to international cultures and nuances in creative works. It honed my communication skills and challenged me to overcome my low self-esteem, being a fish out of water.

I remember corridor crawls. More than a dozen of us crammed along a corridor, flexing our creativity to reflect the theme, and learning more about each other.

Right now, women dominate the middle ranks of management, but it would be great to see more women helming the top leadership of the company. On the other hand, to continue with the flexibility of a hybrid mode of working that allows women to better juggle work and home life. 

I am a content strategist for Astro, a broadcaster in Malaysia. I develop content strategies based on the business objectives of our clients to market their products and services on our media ecosystems. Aside from that, I am a mom to a one-year-old toddler.

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