Jess Sanchez-Vargas (2019)

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Queen’s College went above and beyond its role as a residential college. It transformed into a pillar of emotional support for all of us. Everyone came together, especially during the difficult times faced by international students like me.  

One of my favourite memories is the unforgettable study sessions in the Stafford room. These moments felt like family coming together, especially during the stressful exam period. In 2019, all of we graduate students at Queen’s College, studying a mix of subjects like medicine, maths, environmental sciences, and more, formed a close-knit group. Those late-night study sessions in the Stafford were evidence of the incredible power of community and the unwavering spirit of collective ambition, moments I will forever hold dear.

I work as an Environmental Consultant, liaising with both the private sector and government agencies to develop and implement impactful environmental projects. My main focus is on stakeholder engagement, project planning, and resource management. This multifaceted role allows me to bring different parties to the table and foster collaborations that aim to build resilience and adaptation strategies to face the current challenges of climate change.

It’s truly remarkable to look back and see the progress made for women in my field. Fifty years ago, opportunities for women were quite limited, and the path to success was often filled with obstacles. However, over the years, we’ve witnessed a significant and transformative shift towards greater gender equality.

I hope to see even more progress as I look ahead to the next 50 years. I’d love to see a world where women continue to rise to leadership positions, breaking down any remaining barriers. I also believe that it’s crucial for all of us to understand and embrace the idea that we all are complementary to one another, with no one holding superiority. If we all work together, we can create a world where true equality and collaboration thrive.

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