Eliza Shannon (2018)

Queen’s college for me was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and connect with a group of great people from completely different walks of life. Somewhere I was able to fast track my life learnings and growth as a person. A safe and inclusive place where one can gain independence, lifelong friends and create some of the best memories. One of which was the champagne breakfast on High Table after winning the softball cup.

After completing a Bachelor of Science major in Neuroscience, I am currently working part time in learning support while I have a career in football with North Melbourne Football Club. 

Although only residing at Queen’s for two years I was grateful to encounter equal opportunities for both men and women on campus. Whether regarding positions of leadership, access to facilities or involvement in sports and extracurricular activities, as a female at Queen’s College I was never held back from opportunities to participate and maximise my experience. 

Whilst residing at Queen’s I could never have seen myself forging a career as an AFL athlete. However, over the last few years the opportunities and resources provided in our sport have amplified significantly. Although there is still a long way to go, a career in AFL for women is becoming progressively more feasible, and what that may look like has changed tremendously for the better. 

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