Last year after consultation with our Wyvern community, the Wyvern Society provided the seed funding in what is intended to become an endowed scholarship to support students attending Queen’s College who would not otherwise be able to attend due to financial hardship.

This year the scholarship was awarded for the first time to David Hwang (1st year Biomedicine).

“I chose Queen’s because it offers a unique and vibrant residential college experience. The close-knit community filled with people from diverse backgrounds appeals to me, fostering a sense of inclusivity and friendliness that has made me feel right at home. Connecting with fellow Queeners undertaking the same studies as myself has turned uni classes into enjoyable, collaborative experiences. Living close to everyone ensures you’re almost never alone, adding a dynamic and fun dimension to university life. Queen’s provides a platform for creative expression and appreciation, and the College’s commitment to a well-rounded experience, including physical activity and sports, creates a unique sense of camaraderie between Queeners. I appreciate the constant social interaction and the shared experiences that make my time at Queen’s both memorable and enjoyable.”

As the inaugural recipient, David is thriving on the support.

“The Wyvern Society Scholarship has made an immense difference to my life, primarily by providing crucial financial support that has allowed me to attend Queen’s College. Without this scholarship, the financial barriers to pursuing higher education would have been substantial, and attending Queen’s would not have been possible. The scholarship has served as a pivotal boost, granting me the opportunity to access the unique experiences offered by Queen’s. I am very grateful for the impact it has had on shaping my educational journey.”

Easing the financial load has enabled David to focus on his future with confidence.

“I am passionate about the field of medicine. My goal is to continue my studies in the Doctor of Medicine post-graduate. The biomedicine program will provide a solid foundation, and I look forward to bridging theory with practical application in the clinical setting. I aspire to contribute to healthcare, combining scientific knowledge with a focus on improving patient outcomes.”

We look forward to following his journey.

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