The successful team for the 2023 Cameron Brown Community Innovation Fund are a-buzz about their Bee BnB project.

Comprised of Eva Hilton (1st year Fashion and Textiles), Juliette Bosscher (1st year Science) and Phil Ma (2nd year Commerce), the team received funding from the CBCIF to further educate Queen’s students on the importance of bees.

The fund was established as an active way to honour Cam Brown (Wyvern 1999) who passed away aged 35 in 2016 and the Bee BnB community-based project was selected because it was representative of Cam’s personal passions, drive and integrity.

While the project will educate the Queen’s community, the three have found their knowledge and understanding of bees has increased greatly during the planning of activities.

“After a lot of discussion, we have come to realise there is a lack of understanding around solitary bees, many people are more aware of the honey bee. Solitary bees are non-stinging bees who work alone and whose sole purpose is to pollinate. They do not produce honey. This has now become a big focal point of our project and we plan to host a series of events for College students to expand their awareness of this fact. We also intend to connect with the wider community and involve them in developing a deeper and more supportive relationship with the bee population in Melbourne,” said Juliette.

Eva, Phil and Juliette have many plans to interact and engage while changing public perception that ‘all bees sting’.

“The bee hotels will be placed in selected, quiet areas around the College and we are planning a wildflower planting day around them, so College students can get involved in that. We will also collaborate with many of the social club committees to host painting sessions to decorate the bee hotels and a bee movie screening to get more people involved and spread awareness. With these activities, we hope that the stigma of ‘all bees sting’ will be diminished and that the College community will understand the significant role bees play in our environment,” said Juliette. “We are very grateful for this opportunity and hope to inspire and educate our peers.”


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