Welcome from the New Arch-Wyvern

Alex Webster, Arch-Wyvern

Arch-Wyvern, Alex Webster

It is an honour and privilege to be elected Arch-Wyvern for 2017. For the last 118 years our society has functioned through the generosity of our volunteers. And I would like to start by thanking all those who have contributed—particularly the past committees—to keeping the society in a healthy state. Next, I’d like to welcome and introduce the 2017 Wyvern Society Committee (listing below).
The year ahead is an exciting one, with Dr Stewart Gill having recently commenced as the eighth Master in January. You can read more about Stewart and his vision for the College in his welcome message below. I have met with Stewart on several occasions already and congratulate the Council on his appointment. I look forward to working with Stewart and encourage all members of the Society to introduce themselves to him over the course of the year.
A great way to meet Stewart and other fellow Wyverns is via the numerous events that will be held this year. The committee will be finalising the events program later this month but rest assured the usual suspects of Young Wyvern Drinks, reunions and the Annual Dinner are firmly in the calendar. If you have any other ideas or suggestions for new events, the Committee is very keen to hear about them.
I look forward to working with this year’s committee and the college as we continue to support and engage our diverse alumni community.

The 2017 Wyvern Society Committee

Arch Wyvern, Alex Webster (2000)
Deputy Arch Wyvern, Jacob Workman (2005)
Secretary, Sophie Lawes (2014)
Treasurer, Will Moore (2009)
General Member, Warwick Brewer (2000)
General Member, Henry Hornsby (2014)
General Member, Dan Lindholm (2013)
General Member, Sally Morris (1994)
General Member, George Willox (1975)

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