Our New Freshers & the New Academic Year

It’s already week three of semester and the college has been a hive of excitement and activity starting first with O’ Week and then followed by last week’s Commencement Dinner to welcome in the start of the new academic year.
Our new freshers have settled in well to the surrounds of the castle after having bonded together during the always comprehensive O’ week program of activities. As well as the usual fun games like dodge ball, O’ Week also see our new Queeners instructed on the history, ethos, and policies of the college, culminating in the intimidating fresher exam in Eakins Hall (not really that intimidating after all).
Commencement Dinner was a wonderful occasion to bring our whole residential community together—freshers, seniors, and the MCR for the first black-tie event of the year, and of course the first under the direction of the new Master. Once again over 100 scholarships were awarded, and of note the Principal Fellow, Hon. David Habersberger, presented the Donna & John Habersberger Memorial Scholarship for the first time, named in honour of David’s parents. Also awarded was the Wyvern Society Scholarship to encourage young Wyverns or third year students to continue at Queen’s within the MCR. Our outgoing Dean of Student Wellbeing, Prof. Tim Corney, received warm thanks, including a rousing spoon-bang, for his contribution to the college over the past three years.
Looking ahead, in addition to lots of studious work, two upcoming social highlights are the Ladies & Gents Night, and Quadstock, a music festival that showcases the amazingly rich and diverse artistic talents within our community.
The year is well and truly underway and it promises to be another unforgettable experience for our all our Queeners.

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