Queen’s College Health Sciences Dinner 2017

Totally Nuts! How your immune system can beat cancer!

Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Andrew Weickhardt

What does arsenic, cashew nuts, Obi Wan, exercise, Christopher Columbus, Ragnar Lothbrok and Vikings, and poo have to do with fighting cancer?

If someone were to tell you that the answer is, quite a lot actually, would you think that sounds totally nuts? Well our keynote speaker at the recent Health Sciences Dinner, Wyvern, Associate Professor Andrew Weickhardt, would agree. Nonetheless, his entertaining and insightful speech demonstrated that this was true, as he touched on a career in cancer research that has taken him overseas to Denver Colorado and back to Melbourne where he is now a Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Medical Oncologist at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre.
To find out how Andrew connected the above dots, you can read his full speech here.

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