Would you be willing to mentor a Queener? We are reaching out to Wyverns who have been working in their field for 5 years or more, as we seek mentors for current Queeners. Currently we have both graduate and undergraduate (3rd year) students looking for a Wyvern who is in their chosen professional field of study to help them launch into the work world in the best way possible. It is really tough out there for new graduates at the moment, with only one job for every ten graduates.
What would it look like? It may take the form of a coffee chat, several emails, or—if you are not in Melbourne—a Skype chat or phone call. It will not be a long-term commitment nor one that takes a lot of your time.
Areas students most need help from a career mentor: students want to know how to best present themselves on paper and on LinkedIn, advice on how to break into the job market in your field, they may want to pick your brain about what subjects and further professional training has most helped you, or help leverage your contacts into the field in order to get an internship or first job.
Are you willing to help? If so, please send your contact information and some details about the best time for a student from Queen’s to contact you to Christine Ellem: awcoordinator@queens.unimelb.edu.au

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