On Friday 26 October, members of the Sugden Society spent a pleasant few hours visiting the Mission to Seafarers organisation. Located in a very distinct period building on the busy Wurundjeri Way, Sugden Society members were introduced to the history of the building and organisation – since 1857, the Mission to Seafarers has worked to provide support to the many workers on whom safe and efficient shipping depends.

In addition to this introduction, Sugden Society members were treated to a mini-concert by 3rd year Music student, Sam Williams, in the cosy Seafarers chapel. Following on from this, members had the chance to visit the Maritime Arts Exhibition across a number of galleries.

The morning was capped by lunch in the sunny Seafarers courtyard.


Membership of the Sugden Society is offered to those who have made a bequest to Queen’s College. It recognises and honours those who make bequests to the College during their lifetime, and includes invitations to exclusive events. Visit this page if you’d like to know more about the bequest program or the Sugden Society.

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