The 2018 Wyvern Dinner was held on Friday 12 October with some of the highlights including the announcement of the Wyvern of the Year and the presentation of the Armistice Prize.

The 2018 Wyvern of the Year is Associate Professor Andrew Weickhardt for his work as a medical oncologist and translational scientist at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre at the Austin Hospital, leading the genitourinary cancer team investigating new ways of using immune therapies to treat bladder, prostate and kidney cancer.

The Wyvern Armistice Prize is a new offering from the Wyvern Society, awarded annually to residents for either a piece of writing, art, or music that honours the legacy of those who served in WWI.The 2018 submissions included a war collage by Miranda Smith (2nd year Fine Arts), a polemical essay by Tom Waring (2nd year Science), and a musical composition for piano and oboe by Sam Williams (3rd year Music). (refer to this news article for further details on the Armistice Prize winner).

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