The Wyvern Society is looking to start a business networking series in the second half of 2018.

benjamin-child-17946-unsplash While details are being finalised, the Society is looking for Wyverns who could host small events at their workplace. The concept is to have sector-based events with 20-30 Wyverns as well as several current students. By being sector-based, these events will aim to connect Wyverns for future business and employment opportunities as well as introduce current students to the Wyvern workforce.
Rather than being focused on what you studied, like the Faculty Dinners, this series is about where you are working now. This may be education, public sector, hospitality, consulting or in the media.
Consequently, the call is being made for Wyverns to nominate yourself and Boardroom (or alternative venue at your workplace) for networking events with fellow Wyverns.
If you would like to nominate your boardroom, please email by 30 April.

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