Wyverns are everywhere. They are leaders in Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Dallas. They are CEOs, publishers, academics, public servants, poets, actors, small business owners, lawyers and doctors and so much more. Our students at Queen’s often come to us with few connections in Melbourne or other large cities and need the tremendous insight and connections that Wyverns a little further down the career trail can provide.
Wyvern Week, held in the week before second semester at Queen’s, is a series of work/career related workshops provided by Wyverns for Queeners and young Wyverns (no more than 3 years out). We would like to offer the following workshops, or you could suggest others!
• Choosing a Career—why it is not a linear pathway
• Marketing your own personal brand
• Writing a job application
• Applying for an internship
• Networking—how come some find it so easy? How to workshop
• LinkedIn profiles—why they matter and how to set one up
• How to prepare for an interview
• Careers Fair
Please let us know if you would like to participate in Wyvern Week.
Mentor a Queener
Wyvern career mentors for all second, third and postgraduate students are needed for 2015. We will call this the 3-2-1 program, which means we are asking a Wyvern to have 3 coffees over the year with their mentee, 2 meals and advise the student with one job/internship application. Please contact Dr Brenda Holt dean-studies@queens.unimelb.edu.au if you are interested.

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