Meet our four new Queen’s College Fellows:
– Professor Janet Borland (1995)
– Georgina Downer (1998)
– Deb Johnson (1975)
– Ellen Sandell MP (2003)

Inducted on Wednesday 3rd of May, 2023 they join other senior members of the College’s academic community to provide advice and support about the development of the academic, cultural and spiritual life of the College.

L to R: Professor Janet Borland (1995), Georgina Downer (1998), Deb Johnson (1975), Ellen Sandel MP (2003)

Professor Janet Borland

Janet lived in Queen’s first as an undergraduate studying Arts/Science, finding guidance and support at a formative time in her life, and then as a postgraduate student where she benefitted greatly from the academic mentorship of then Master, Professor Runia. Having held the position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Japanese Studies, Hong Kong University, Janet is currently, Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the International Christian University in Tokyo, teaching modern Japanese history, environmental history, and natural hazards. Janet is the award-winning author of Earthquake Children. Janet is excited about contributing to Queen’s College as a Fellow by sharing her knowledge and experiences of working in highly diverse and at times challenging environments in Hong Kong and Japan.

Georgina Downer

Georgina came to Queen’s College as a Law/Commerce student and found, living away from her home in Adelaide, the College provided a ready-made family. Having served as an Australian diplomat with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Georgina stood as a Liberal candidate for the Federal seat of Mayo, and initiated Tenjin Consulting- a geopolitical risk and strategic environment firm. Georgina is now the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Robert Menzies Institute. In her role as Fellow, Georgina is looking forward to using her academic and professional experience to support the pastoral care and rich intellectual environment of the College community and students.

Deb Johnson

Deb has been a part of the Queen’s community as an Arts student in one of the first intakes of women as residents, and as Vice President of the College Council. Working now with Antares Equities as Equities Manager, writing investment insights and managing communications and marketing strategy, Deb has been party to many “firsts”. This includes obtaining a Masters, delivered in French and Spanish, involving 18 global universities from Bologna to Bordeaux to California, with the qualification issued by University Paris Nanterre. Deb sees Queen’s as a welcoming, egalitarian College and hopes, as a Fellow, to support students with financial challenges to be a part of the community.

Ellen Sandell MP

When Ellen came from country Victoria to Melbourne University to study Arts/Science not knowing anyone, she thought it was wonderful to find an instant community at Queen’s. As a safe place to explore life and learning, Queen’s provided a great foundation for her. Now as the state MP for Melbourne and Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens, Ellen has been the CEO of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and worked as a climate change policy advisor to government. As a Fellow, Ellen is looking forward to continuing to learn from the Queen’s community and students while sharing what she has learned across her career, from climate change and sustainability to organisational governance and public policy.

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