On a sunny Wednesday in April some 30 members of the Sugden Society enjoyed an entertaining and educational visit to the Black Cat Truffles Farm at Wattle Flat, just outside of Ballarat.

The visit began with morning tea on arrival, followed by a ‘truffle hunt’ with the two resident truffle sniffing dogs, and concluded with a delightful lunch of wood fired truffle sprinkled pizzas accompanied by local wines.

To the delight of attendees, the dogs were able to locate two good sized truffles amongst the 1,000 oak trees, which was remarkable given that April is not normally within truffle season.

Guests came away with a good understanding of the art and science of truffle growing and finding from hosts Kristen Simpson and Tom Eadie. Kristen is a former Director of Development at Queen’s.

The Sugden Society will continue to thank and honour its generous bequestors with visits to special places and/or where there are Queen’s connected hosts. 

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