Andrew Walpole (Wyvern 1974)

‘In 1974 I entered Queen’s as the Roberts Scholar. Roberts was a young man who died in the First World War.

The scholarship, established in his memory by his father E J Roberts of Mildura, opened the door to Queen’s and Medical School. It gave me a life and future, that war denied Roberts.

For me remembering Queen’s in my Will will make the world a better place, and it will complete the circle of life.’


Ian Marshman AM, President of Council

‘I have provided for Queen’s in my Will because I have benefited greatly,  and seen others benefit, as a result of the transformative opportunities Queen’s offers young women and men: to get the most from their precious years at university; to experience leadership roles across diverse areas; and to be part of a vibrant and affirming learning community that builds lifelong networks.’

Jennie Hille, Former PA to the 7th Master

‘After considerable reflection, my decision to provide a bequest was because Queen’s offers such a warm, caring environment as well as a challenging environment – for learning, for sport, for social interaction – all of which can help to build a well-balanced and kind person; someone who can confidently go into the bigger world and help so many others.

People like Tom Hutchinson and Belinda Hutchinson (Birrell) use their amazing talents to make a better world, not to mention the wonderful Fellows of Queen’s. What an great honour for Queen’s students (and me) to come into contact with some of the leading lights in their field; David Habersberger, Ronald Farren-Price AM, Geoffrey Blainey AC, John Castles AM, Professor Runia and the late Sir John Holland AC, Scotty McLeish AO and Richard Divall AO OBE.

All were willing to share advice and to mentor and sometimes to offer employment opportunities. Queen’s offers so much to so many, not just the residents, it’s a domino effect. I am so proud to have been able to help in a small way to help so many. It’s a good feeling.’


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