It has been a crazy few months in the world of Queen’s sport. We’ve had some impressive performances, with some heartbreaking losses and glorious victories.

The first sport to kick off the Queen’s calendar was cricket. Whilst the women’s team was not able to bat out the notorious St Hilda’s, our Men’s team left Ormond stumped, to claim the championship.

Next, we moved onto tennis, where we fought valiantly, but came up short against the racquets of Ormond in the grand final.

Arguably, the most notable sport on the Queen’s calendar is rowing day, which did not disappoint. Both men’s and women’s First VIII rowed with incredible strength to come third. Both Magoos’ crews also rowed very impressively with the women’s placing third and the men’s placing fifth.

In a thrilling night of hockey, the Queen’s women’s team secured a convincing win over U.C. in the minor final, while the men’s team emerged victorious with a remarkable 2-0 win over Trinity in a gripping match.

We are looking forward to the packed sporting calendar next semester, with many more exciting sports to come and titles to defend. 

By Liv Perkins (3rd Yr, QCS&SC Sports Representative)

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