Two Queen’s alumni have been key players in The Hunting Ground Australia Project.
The Hunting Ground was one of six documentary films selected for the 2015 Good Pitch Australia initiative in 2015. Ian Darling (Wyvern parent), Chair and Moderator of Good Pitch, stated at the time that the goal was to find not only outstanding films, but ones that would start or continue national conversations on matters of social importance. (Good Pitch creates alliances between filmmakers with foundations, not-for-profits, campaigners, philanthropists, policy-makers, brands, educators, broadcasters and media to promote socially impactful films). Since late 2015, The Hunting Ground Australia Project (HGAP) has used the documentary as a tool to engage the entire Australian university sector, and the broader community, in a discussion of sexual harassment and sexual assault on Australian universities. The funding for the HGAP survey of sexual assault at Australian universities came from Good Pitch.
Ian is also the Executive Chairman of the Shark Island Institute, a philanthropic body that supports documentary filmmaking. The film was distributed under the Madman logo, with Paul Wiegard (1988) playing a significant role in supporting the initiative.
Philanthropy Australia awarded The Caledonia Foundation the 2017 Gender Wise award. Both Ian Darling and Wyvern, Dr Mark Nelson (1977), are on the board.
With the report from the AHRC on sexual assault on university campuses due out shortly, Queen’s is proud of its alumni taking active steps to create safer communities and to promote greater respect for all.

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