Positive Psychology Course at Queen’s

Queen’s College has implemented an 8 week course in Positive Psychology.

Queen’s is only the 2nd residential college in Australia (and 2nd in the world!) to run such a programme. This course is offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Education’s Centre for Positive Psychology, The University of Melbourne and it’s at no additional cost to residents. The workshops are practical, relevant, and fun. Although the content is academically rigorous, there are no assignments, homework or assessment. Students will receive a certificate of attendance after attending 6 of the 8 workshops.
Positive psychology is a hot topic with more and more employers recognising positive education as an essential piece of the employability puzzle. Queen’s predicts that this course will prove invaluable to residents’ future endeavours and is thrilled to be in a unique position to facilitate it.
The Centre of Positive Psychology describes Positive Psychology as ‘a relatively new field of social science that conducts research into the flourishing and optimal functioning of individuals, groups, and institutions. It focuses on the strengths, virtues, beneficial conditions, and processes that contribute to well-being. It is the study of what allows people to operate at the peak of their potential: to live longer and healthier, to participate in more satisfying relationships, and have more engagement, meaning and purpose in life. It is also the study of what makes communities and organisations stronger, more resilient and more virtuous.’ For more information on this topic visit the Faculty’s website.

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