With the start of the new academic year, Queen’s welcomed a total of 136 new residents—103 in the Junior Common Room, and 33 in the graduate Middle Common Room. Both Common Rooms boast a diversity of courses studied and geographies represented.

Commencement Dinner for the entire College was held on Wednesday 2 March. 320 residents and guests attended, including significant donors to the College who presented scholarships to recipients in what can only be described as a festive, carnival-like atmosphere.
The Wyvern Scholarship was awarded to great fanfare. The 2016 recipient of the $5,000 prize, supported by the Wyvern Society, is Ms. Juliet Bigelow (2015). Juliet comes from a family of Wyverns. Her sister Felicity (2011) and father Andrew (1978) have already come through the hallowed halls.
Further information on the composition of the College is provided below:


The majority of this year’s JCR cohort is from interstate (47%), with the next highest cohort coming from overseas (28%). 15% came from rural/regional Victoria, while metropolitan Melbourne had the smallest representation with 10%. In addition to our residents studying at the University of Melbourne, there are also ten new residents studying at RMIT University, and one at Monash University in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Two of our new JCR members identify as Indigenous, making a total of three Indigenous undergraduate students in total at Queen’s.
The undergraduate population of the college now consists of 247 residents.
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The majority of our new MCR residents came from interstate (45%), with the next largest cohort being internationals (30%). The remainder were rounded out by 18% from metro Melbourne and 6% from regional/rural Victoria.
Our new international cohort represent a diverse range of countries including:China, Canada, the US, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, UAE, Korea, India, NZ, Austria, Serbia, Russia and Kenya.
One new graduate identifies as Indigenous and brings the total number of Indigenous graduate students to two.
The total graduate student body (MCR) for 2016 is 52.

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