The centenary of the dedication of the Queen’s College Chapel was celebrated on Sunday 21 May 2023 with a beautiful service led by the Rev. Prof. Emeritus Robert Gribben AM, Senior Fellow. The chapel was dedicated in 1923 as a memorial to the residents of the College who gave their lives in the First World War.

The service entitled “A Blessing of Light” which is a form of prayer used as the sun sets, began with the lighting of a candle by the Master Dr Stewart Gill OAM. A decorated candle was specially designed for the occasion.

Rev. Gribben (Wyvern 1961) said it was a great pleasure to celebrate the chapel with Rev. Prof. Dorothy Lee, Fellow delivering the Homily, assisted by the Dean, Prof. Lesa Scholl and students reading prayers and scripture.

He said, “I thought it went splendidly. The choir too made a tremendous contribution. The Choir of Queen’s College, conducted by John Weretka, and together with organist David Agg, were stunning on the day. They were young men and women singing their hearts out, it was just terrific.”

Rev Gribben considers the chapel a special place for all.

“The place deserves respect, it invites it and I think it gets it. It has an impact on people whether they are with or without religion because they enjoy the great art of the centuries. The stained-glass windows encourage contemplation and people are welcome to come in any time.”

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