Queen’s is proud to be part of the global Amgen Scholars Program  Amgen Scholars page again this summer, hosting ten brilliant young scientists who have been given an extraordinary opportunity to pursue their passion for research in biomedicine and biotechnology. In partnership with the University of Melbourne, the internationally renowned program is the only one on offer in Australia and operates alongside 24 prestigious institutions including Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge.

The seven-week intensive program offers 10 undergraduate students hands-on research experience and the opportunity to meet like-minded students pursuing advanced training and careers in the sciences. Queen’s devises an enrichment program as its contribution to this world-class initiative.

One of this year’s cohort, Movindu Kumarasinghe has completed two years of a Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The New Zealander was inspired to apply for his Amgen Scholarship by a friend in the 2023 cohort and will work under Professor Anthony Hannan in the Epigenetics and Neural Plasticity Group at the Florey Institute.

“Members of my family have struggled with anxiety and depression, so I have a deep interest in our potential to heal from psychological afflictions by changing our behaviour, diet, or environment to alter the way our genes or brains work,” Movindu said. “The opportunity to conduct research in this area as an undergraduate is a great privilege.

I manage my own mental health through exercise, time in nature, playing guitar, reading, and drawing. I particularly enjoy journaling and writing short stories.”


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