In 2013 the Council made the decision to appoint two new Deans—the Dean of Studies and the Dean of Wellbeing—to provide increased levels of support to our residents. While we have had the good fortune of having the two new Deans— Prof Dr Tim Corney (Dean of Wellbeing) and Dr Brenda Holt (Dean of Studies)—with us for some time now, we officially welcomed them as College residents in July when they, along with their families, moved into the new Deans’ Residences.
The striking new buildings are situated between the Master’s Lodge and Eakins Hall. A semi-detached design was chosen that includes an additional studio residence between the main two houses. Combining old and new in a most creative fashion, it is a stunning piece of work, designed by Wyvern architect Bruce Allen (1967 Arch). Similar considerations between the old and new that confronted our artist Evert Ploeg in his depiction of Queen Victoria (see. Page 12) were also salient to our architect, “the building is a contemporary design but uses traditional materials with a link to the past” Allen notes. Welsh slate and sandstone were chosen to reflect the original materials of the College.Perhaps the biggest challenge was ensuring the buildings sat harmoniously as the backdrop to Eakins Hall. “Care has been taken on the western façade to minimise any distraction to the activities of High Table by creating a simple horizontal sandstone surface uninterrupted by windows or downpipes”, Allen explains.
In addition to aesthetic considerations, the design incorporated a number of environmental sustainability principles, including passive solar control, natural cross ventilation, use of solar power for heating water and the collection of rainwater, and an external skin with high level thermal performance.
Environmental concern is one of the important values of the College and so to is stewardship of our heritage and this new addition to the College buildings exceeds on both fronts, whilealso enhancing our community with the presence of our Deans now living on campus.
The new residences were officially presented at the Master’s Garden Party on 10 December and were named Henley House in honour of the sixth Master, Rev Dr John Henley.
‘Our favourite part of the house is the light that streams through very cleverly designed windows across the house.’ — Dr Brenda Holt

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