Graduate Testimonial

Nick Chu

Graduate student, Master of Engineering

I chose Queen’s College for the extensive academic resources on offer, from extensive library catalogues to academic professionals, but I stayed because of the people. Not only did I meet around 500 other university students over my total time here, but the sheer amount of differing experiences, backgrounds and mindsets that all existed within the walls of this college was absolutely staggering. Queen’s College offers opportunities to not only build on these relationships and establish friends for life, but it allows you to grasp how wonderfully diverse people can be.

Queen’s gives you the chance to explore differing schools of thought, and to realise your true potential.

Living at Queen’s College has been nothing short of life-changing. Not only am I surrounded by incredible people bringing their own experiences from every single walk of life, but I am also granted the opportunity to pursue my dream career while still exploring my extracurricular interests. I am deeply thankful for every opportunity that Queen’s provides and I hope I can manage to give something back to this place over my time here.