Anonymous Reporting

Queen’s College is committed to ensuring that we provide our students with the best possible environment for their ongoing learning, growth and development; one that is built on best practice and the tenets of empowerment and respect. Anonymous reporting is one element of such an environment.

Anonymous reporting of harassment and/or assault can be a useful first step for victim-survivors who are not ready to make a formal complaint. It can help people clarify their thoughts and emotions surrounding what has happened and assist them in embarking on a journey of recovery and justice.

It is important to note, however, that the College is limited in the action it can take as a result of an anonymous report.

As the report is anonymous, it is not possible for the College to inform you of any measures that have been taken. You will however receive a reference number in case you wish to make a formal complaint at a later stage.

We urge any victim-survivor to both seek appropriate pastoral support including from sexual trauma counsellors and also consider talking to a Fair Treatment (SAFE) Advisor about options.  The Sexual Assault Crisis Line number is 1800 806 292 and they can offer 24/7 crisis care.