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Activities. Queen’s isn't just about studying!

As a member of the Queen’s residential community, you can get involved in wide variety of academic, sporting and cultural activities, regardless of your skill level.

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Performing Arts

Queen’s College offers residents and music students myriad opportunities to participate in performing arts in formal and casual settings. Residents are encouraged to enjoy and experience the arts as an integral part of their College life via a wide range of artistic expression.


Seraphim Trio

quad 3



  • Rehearsal rooms
  • Performance spaces
  • New Band Room
  • 3 grand pianos, 4 upright pianos & a pipe organ
  • Instrument borrowing and storage options


Sing, Play, Act, Chapel Choir, MADS – Music and Drama Society, Quadstock annual showcase, Soirees, Crescent Orchestra, ICAC – Intercollegiate Activities Council, Battle of the Bands


Expert teaching, tutorials, direction and master classes provided by Ms Simone Maurer—resident Director of Music and Crescent Orchestra conductor; John Weretka—Choir Director; David Agg—Organist; and the Seraphim Trio (Helen Ayres, violin, Anna Goldsworthy, piano, Tim Nankervis, cello).


Annual Performing Arts Series featuring world-class guest artists, student-led Soirees and other events, annual MADS musicals or plays.


Internal and external casual and ongoing employment, internships and scholarships are accessible to Queen’s finest musicians.  For further information, please contact Ms Simone Maurer, Director of Music.

MADS Queen’s Music and Drama Society

At the forefront of music and drama at Queen’s is MADS – the Music and Drama Society. MADS reflects one of the best aspects of the College community in that everyone is encouraged to get involved. Each year, students who have never performed before take to the stage in a variety of roles and, of course, there is always plenty that needs doing behind the scenes too.

Major Productions

Established in 1914, MADS has a long history of successful productions. Each year the group puts together two shows – a classy revue style show, and then a full theatrical production in second semester.

These productions involve between 50 to 150 members of the community in areas such as acting, directing, costume/makeup, front of house, sound/lighting and publicity, and showcase the diverse talent and dedication of the Queen’s community.

MADS is also responsible for running other music and drama events around the College. A number of casual soirees are held in the JCR throughout the year giving students a chance to perform a variety of acts from songs to monologues and dancing. Everyone is welcome to step up and have a go in a very supportive environment.

Scene from Sweeny Todd 2

Scene from Sweeny Todd

MADS Photo Slideshows & Video Gallery

The best way to appreciate the talent and effort that is put into each production is to watch the photo slideshows and videos below. They show a few of the performances and behind-the-scenes preparations from the past couple of years.

Rent the Musical

2011 Queen's College Music and Drama Society production of RENT

Jonothan Larson’s depiction of young artists and musicians in New York

View Slideshow

Urinetown Slideshow

Urinetown the Musical

Nominated for Best Production and Best Director by the Student Union theatre group.

View Slideshow

Quevolution (Revue)


Over 50 cast and crew, and three weeks from concept to final performance.

View Slideshow

The Prayer

A ‘music video’ of Maddie Featherby’s performance of The Prayer from the Revue.


Andrew Robertson and Matt Campbell.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Barbershop Quartet of Brittany Lewis, Jacqui Wortley, Grace Hornsby and Sally McBride

Girls’ Group Dance

Far too many to name each performer individually…

Use the full-screen button (the four arrows in the bottom right of each video) to watch the videos in full screen mode.

Sports. Short Seasons & Great Support.

rowing team parorama

Queen’s offers students the opportunity to compete in and play a range of sports. You can both play recreationally or compete against teams from the other Colleges of the University. We have a proud history with numerous premierships to our name. Whether on the field, track or water, we have shown that we can take on the best.

Unlike a university or club team, College sports ‘seasons’ only last around a month or so. This means that you can try your hand at one or all of the sports offered.

If you just want to play sport for fun, you can join the ‘twos’ teams, or Magoos as they are more popularly known. You don’t need to be great at the sport or have even played it before, it’s just about getting out there and having fun.

Sports at Queen’s:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket (Men’s only)
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball (Women’s only)
  • Rowing
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Squash
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

sports - netball

sports - soccer

sports - womens soccer

sports - womens afl football at queens

Rowing day slideshow

Rowing Day Slideshow

View Slideshow

Rowing day slideshow

swimming day slideshow

View Slideshow

Social Activities. Queen’s Ball, turns, parties and more.

Living in a large community with people your own age lends itself to many social activities throughout the year.  These range from large organised events such as the annual College Ball to more local events such as the Corridor Dinners.

Queen’s Ball

The Queen’s College Ball is the highlight of the social calendar. Organised by the student-run Ball Committee, it is a black tie event and a night of fine food, drink, company and dancing.

Queens Ball

Queen’s Ball

students party


‘Turns’ are parties held in the recreational centre (the labs) and are often fancy-dress or based around a theme.

Corridor Parties

Corridor Parties and Volleyball

A lot of activity is organised around the corridor that you live in. Corridors hold fancy-dress parties in Lygon St and battle for volleyball supremacy. The grand final is held on our legendary Bentley Day.


Played over the course of several days, each person is handed the name of another person in College. The object is to ‘take them out’ by splashing them with water without being seen by anyone else. By taking someone out, you inherit their target. This continues until there is one person left, the ultimate assassin.

Angels and Mortals

Angels and Mortals means that you have to do a nice deed or leave a gift for your assigned mortal in College. You will be secretly assigned an angel as well, who will do the same for you.

There are many more events that we can list here but we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Spiritual Activities. All are welcome and encouraged.


The most striking space in the College, the Chapel, is best seen in summer when the light illuminates the spectacular stained-glass windows. The Chapel is open to everyone – from those who wish to worship, to those who just want to enjoy the music of the College Choir, or simply some time for reflection.

Short services of Evening Prayer and Holy Communion are held during semester at 6:30pm on Sundays and are led by the Dean of Chapel, Rev. Prof Sean Winter. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their faith or background. A variety of residents and distinguished friends and alumni are invited to preach in the Chapel.

College Choir

The Queen’s College Choir performs regularly in the College Chapel and at other College events, as well in concerts, and on tour. Its repertoire reaches from medieval music to newly commissioned works by contemporary Australian composers. The Choir is lead by the Choir Director, Mr John Weretka, and the College Organist, David Agg.

The choir has approximately 16 members chosen from within the College and by external audition. A range of choral scholarships for both current college students and external members are available. For more information on joining the choir, or booking the choir for functions, please contact the Choir Director at choir@queens.unimelb.edu.au

More about the College Choir

The Queen’s College Chapel

Educational activities.
Our activities go beyond sports and socialising.

The range of activities on offer at Queen’s College extends beyond sports and socialising. A number of educational events are held each year, most organised by the student-run Willie Quick Committee.

Oratory Competition Alan Weiss

Oratory Competition: Alan Weiss – It is better to travel than to arrive.

Monday Evening Programme

Organised by the Master, the Monday Evening Programme is a weekly series of 45-minute talks from senior academics or professionals, providing insight into their experiences and areas of research. Residents have the rare opportunity to listen to, discuss with, and ask questions of experts in diverse fields whom they would not likely meet outside of College. Examples of past guests include:

  • Jaynie Anderson – Doing Renaissance Art History Today
  • Michael Thurston, US Consul-General
  • Geoff Manchester, CEO of Intrepid Travel – Environmentally responsible travelling
  • Kevin Tolhurst, bushfire specialist
  • Prof Niko Besnier, Cultural Anthropologist – Rugby, Migration and the Body
  • Bishop Tom Frame, biographer of former Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt

Creative Arts Competition

The College’s annual Creative Arts Competition covers three categories: Literary Arts, Plastic Arts, and Performing Arts. Entries range from the conventional to the highly unusual and showcases what is often hidden talent among members of the College community.

Sir Frederick Eggleston Foreign Affairs Competition

Students interested in foreign affairs have an opportunity to voice their opinions in an annual public speaking contest. Each speaker presents a short talk giving their views on a chosen issue in contemporary international politics.

Oratory Competition

For speakers who are more concerned with style than substance, the Oratory Competition allows students to engage and persuade an audience using flair, passion, and the occasional thought. The speeches are always very entertaining and have covered topics ranging from “A Spoon is a Very Dangerous Thing“ to “Experience is a Waste of Time”.

MCR versus JCR

There is a natural, instinctive rivalry between the Middle Common Room (graduate students) and the Junior Common Room (undergraduate students). Two annual events formalise this. The first is the Student Club vs High Table Debate. Teams are chosen to represent each side for a debate in first semester. The topics are light-hearted, as is the debate itself. The second event is the hotly contested trivia quiz, where students lock intellectual horns with their tutors.

Student Committees.
Shape your community and your own personal growth.

The Queen’s community takes pride in the involvement of its students in the running of the College through its student run committees.

The committees are responsible for running the student activities, and operate to maximise the fun, involvement and the outstanding sense of community that is so abundant here at Queen’s.

By participating in committees, residents not only get a lot of enjoyment in organising the various events, but develop a variety of userful ‘life’ skills that help distinguish them from the ‘normal’ university student. This makes them a perfect complement to a successful university life.

  • Aedificamus committee
    Produce the College journal containing the academic writings of the College community.
  • Ball Committee
    Organise the biggest social event of the College year, the Queen’s Ball.
  • Boat Club
    Take care of the boats used for rowing events and practices.
  • Bulletin Committee
    Produce ‘The Bulletin’, an informal newsletter for the students which reports on activities, events and issues concerning students.
  • Emporium Committee
    Runs the student confectionary shop and sells discounted drinks and snacks.
  • Environment Committee
    Handles environmental awareness in College.
  • Food Committee
    Works with the Dining Hall to ensure students are happy with meals and preparation.
  • Student IT Committee
    Provide tech support to students and implement projects like streaming TV over the network.
  • LABS Committee
    Take care of the recreation centre (the Lab) with the TV room, pool, table tennis and dance rooms.
  • Music And Drama Society (MADS) Committee
    Run the College annual theatre production and various other music and drama events during the year.
  • Social Activities Committee (SAC)
    Organises various social activities throughout the College year.
  • Social Work Committee
    Coordinates various charity drives and activities to help the less fortunate.
  • Video Committee
    Promote College events by producing amusing promotional videos as well as recording College activities.
  • Willie Quick Club
    Organises cultural events such as debating, cultural tours and public speaking events.
  • Wyvern Magazine Committee
    Produces the end-of-year magazine that reports on the activities and achievements of the students.

Orientation Week.
A fun and integral introduction to university and College life.

O-Week is a special week at the start of the year for first year College residents.
It’s designed to help you become familiar with university and College life before the second and third year College residents return. It is nothing like the O-Weeks you may have seen on American TV shows – there is no hazing!

O-Week starts the week before uni begins and before the 2nd and 3rd year residents come back to College. This allows all the new residents (‘freshers’) to meet each other and get established before everyone else arrives. We do things like go to the beach and play silly games in the Quad.

We also cover more practical and serious topics such as tours of the uni by a senior who is doing the same course as you so they can show you where your lectures are, the closest toilets and the best place on campus to grab a coffee. We will also introduce you to Carlton/Parkville and the city. And don’t worry if you’re going to RMIT, Monash Pharmacy or VCAM – we have students that will show you all the cool stuff there as well.

O-Week is about meeting people and having fun, and is the best way for you make friends and ease into the transition to life at Queen’s and uni.

queens o week crop 2

O-Week starts the week before uni begins

Intercollegiate Activities.
Get involved with all the colleges of the university.

If the countless activities within Queen’s aren’t enough, then there are also many opportunities to explore and discover your skills and have a great time with intercollegiate activities.

All of the College at Melbourne University participate in intercollegiate sports and arts events. There is an intercollegiate sports cup for men and women, and an intercollegiate cultural cup, to which points for each event or sport count.

There is nothing like a bit of friendly competition to help make friends and have fun, so even if you don’t want to be involved in competing there is always the very important job of cheerleader for your friends and your college. Nothing will make you prouder than cheering on your new friends in the green, gold and chocolate with 200 of your fellow Queeners.

Intercollegiate Sports & Arts

If you’re interested into sport, you can compete against the other Colleges in over a dozen sports as part of a Queen’s team.

If art is more your thing, there are a number of activities to get involved in:

  • Intercollegiate soirees
  • Intercollegiate musical or play
  • Battle of the bands
  • Writing competition
  • Art competition and exhibition
  • Theatre sports
  • Debating
  • Public speaking competition
  • Pool and darts competition

Dinner Swaps

Dinner swaps give you the chance to eat at another college to see how they do things and to compare their food compares to ours and your your mum’s.

Friendly events

There are also a number of friendly events held during the year including chess, dance classes, gallery and play excursions and other great opportunities where you can meet like minded individuals from other colleges as well as your own.

In the end, life at Queen’s is what you make it. It’s up to you to make sure you get involved in as many activities as you can and experience all of the benefits of a collegiate education.

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