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A Caring Community

Integral to the mission and success of Queen’s College is the development of a culture of respect—and the acknowledgement of our mutual responsibility for creating a harmonious and supportive community.

A key concept that underpins our supportive community culture is the fair treatment of our students and staff, which includes providing a safe environment that also values equity and equal opportunity.


Fair Treatment

Queen’s College is committed to the fair treatment and safety of all its students and staff. In recent years, we have worked to improve our processes, education, and practice, so as to educate our students around the dangers of sexual violence and alcohol, and to better support students through offering free access to counsellors, through better training of student leaders, and the implementation of a student-led pastoral care system, the ‘AlPaCas’. New students undergo consent training in O’ week, and in 2017 also attended a session led by QC David Habersberger on the law surrounding complex matters of consent.

Queen’s College has a Fair Treatment Coordinator, Dr Sally Dalton-Brown, and five Fair Treatment Contact Persons (see below) who provide support to staff and students and take appropriate action as required by our Fair Treatment Policy. Students also have access to external Fair Treatment consultants appointed by Colleges University of Melbourne, and students can also access the range of resources on the websites below.

Following the release of the AHRC report, an interim support line has been established by Universities Australia and will be open 24 hour 7 days a week until 30th November, and is being run by specialist trauma counselling service, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. The support line is being established as a complement to existing phone and face-to-face counselling services operated by Australian universities. The number is 1800 572 224.

FAIR TREATMENT POLICY & PROCEDURES, Colleges University of Melbourne